Penguins: Backstage Pass

Get up-close, Learn about, and Interact with African Black-footed Penguins!

The Penguins: Backstage Pass is a fun and educational 30-minute experience where guests have the penguin backstage pass florida aquariumopportunity to interact with penguins in an up-close and personal setting.

Led by an experienced penguin biologist, a typical visit may include a chance to touch the penguins, see them waddle, swim, shake their tails and jump in and out of their interaction pool. While there, our biologist will describe and answer any questions guests might have about these remarkable birds and their specialized care.

Guests may also catch a glimpse of penguin feeding habits as our biologists feed them their favorite foods.

These South African Birds live in a temperate environment in the "Penguin Suite" so no coats are needed.



penguin backstage pass florida aquarium

Additional Information

Please purchase Penguin Backstage Pass tickets onsite and on the day you are visiting the Aquarium.

Each Penguins: Backstage Pass lasts approximately 30 minutes and occurrs 
two times per day at 12:30 & 2:00 p.m.

Please reserve your Backstage pass at Guest Services or at the Ticket Booth.
Cost - $45 per person, $40 for members
Maximum 14 people per session.