Exhibit Education Intern

During this internship you will hone your skills in the interpretation or public education field by learning how to create, evaluate, and facilitate the educational programming given at The Florida Aquarium.

With training and skill development, Exhibit Education Interns will be responsible for the instruction of educational public programs focusing on different ecosystems in all areas of the Aquarium. A few examples include exhibit talks, touch tanks, biological artifact interpretation, gallery tours, and activity tables.  

Must be college sophomore or higher and up to 1 year post graduate with a GPA of 2.5/4.0.  Knowledge of education, biology, marine science, or ecology is beneficial.

Internship requirements also include:
• Standing (up to 6 hours per day)
• Walking (6 hours per day)
• More than normal talking
• Public Speaking, Hosting and Costume Performance
• Some contact with a living collection of plants and animals in a central Florida climate
Summer Interns all start on the same day: May 30, 2017
Note: All interns are required to commit to:
32 hours per week for 10 weeks – Summer